Love spell history

Love is one of themost powerful forms of energy known to us, whether it is the love of a mother for her child, a strong bond between lifelong friends or the hot, passionate love felt by young lovers. Its power has bcen commented on by philosophers and poetssince ancient times, and is best expressed by a simple ancient Latin phrase – Amor Omnia Vincit, which translates as “Love Conquers All”. Although it might scem a rather simple concept, the influence of
Love is so universal that it profoundly affects every important aspect of life. From love,life itself springs forth.This is an underlying theme inWestern mythology, in which the seasons progress through the year as a love story between the god, the symbol of male energy, and the goddess, the symbol of female energy. In Eastern philosophy,the image of yin/yang could really be used as a love symbol, denoting the blending of female and male energies, respectively. The balance between male or extrovert energy and female or Introvert energy is echoed in the balance of energies in the natural world – between the sun and the moon, sumer and winter, and between fire and water. The Ancients believed that by understanding how to harmonize opposing aspects, human beings could achieve a true balance in their lives.

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