What is love spell?

Many magicians, both in the East and the West, also believed in learning from the lessons of nature, because they understood that the chemistry of love is strongly related to the working of magic. Among other beneflts, it was found that the energy produced by love could be harnessed to power the strongest of spells. In modern times, Iove has bcen abused in a myriad of ways in a highly technological world where power is often based on an unnatural foundation. As human beings again search for meaning in their lives, the beauty, simplicity and sanctity of love is again becoming more and more evident. Love magic is a way of harnessing the energy of love, and can be a beautiful and gentle way to reconnect with the balance of nature. This blog blends the wisdom of ancient civilizations as those of China and India to understand the attracting and opposing forces that shape our lives, together with simple techniques which, if practiced in a heartfelt manner, can have the most beneficial effect on your life and those precious to you. You have to love yourself before anyone else can loveyou. Learn to love yourself with honesty and carry this through to your love for others.

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